I wanna ride Thursday evening

Off at 5, where, and when?

Wrandees, dog walkers lot, 7ish

I’m not 100% sure yet, but I will most likely be there

I will try to get my stuff ready in the morning so I can make it out in time.

I was planning to go there tonight too. I may tag along with you.

Hey, maybe I’ll pop by too.

Good ride guys!

too much fun! Tomorrow night Spider Lake, who’s in?

That was a pile of fun! I would love to do Spider, but I have my doubts I can make it happen…fingers crossed though!

Same time 7ish…and i want to see that video…i ate it a few times tonight…awesome!

I shoulda rode the studs, but that was still a blast anyway.

I won’t know until tomorrow if I can make it to Spider. FYI you won’t need studs - there was no ice there at all on Tuesday.

should be some dark siders going in for 7.30