I Want to Buy a Bike

Looking for something for my wife to ride (fill in your own punchline). It will never see a piece of singletrack but rather lots of rails to trails and maybe, maybe, a dirt road.

For sizing, she’s 5’2" and quite beautiful if that matters :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Have a limited budget but let me know what you got. It doesn’t need to be a carbon frame, sub 20lb rocket. It would be nice to if it was a 29er but that is totally not necessary either

Giant Escape probably fills the bill nicely. Good value for money. My wife just sold hers this spring to help fund the road bike. She’s got a nice MTB as well.

Not hard to find a good 2-3 year old top model for well under $500. She sold hers in mint condition for around $400. It was a 2012 Escape W 0 model with a carbon fork and SRAM X5 components.

Yeah something like that would work I think. I see there is one for sale in Truro on Kijiji but a little too expensive IMO.

Thanks for the advice

Hi @muddy. Saw this one on Kijiji, should fit your wife pretty much perfectly… http://www.kijiji.ca/v-road-bike/city-of-halifax/trek-7-2-fx-road-bike/1078898040

2012 Trek FX WSD 13". Basically the same as a Giant Escape. Still a little expensive but looks to be in good shape from the photo. Nice looking ride.