If you had 3hr and you were in Moncton, where would you ride?

Looking to hit up a single place that would maximize the fun.

Brookvale PEI. :rofl:


I know right, unfortunately not this trip.

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I’m no expert on the Moncton area riding, but I’ve had good times at Whiterock near Hillsborough.
It’s not far.


Minto rather than Whiterock, IYO?

I’d choose Minto based on the riding. But Minto is a LOT further from Moncton. With 3h, you’ll only be driving.

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I enjoyed Hillsborough too but Minto was more fun. Hillsborough is closer though.

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I haven’t been to Minto, but I hear it’s awesome. Unfortunately, it’s about 1 hour 45 minutes from moncton, so I doubt you’d have time.

I rode in Hillsborough last year, and would recommend riding there. It’s only about 25 minutes from downtown Moncton. It’s on trailforks as the White Rock Recreation Area. It can be a bit tricky to find your way around, so I would definitely recommend trailforks or a strava heat map to guide you.

We parked in the first lot on Golf Club Rd. which will be the first one if you’re coming from Moncton. We rode up Start Me Up, which was a great warm up. We took the double track up the hill to Backside Trail. That’s the best way to climb, and then you have a choice of downhill trails. We did Stout, and it was great. I definitely suggest riding Dynamite as well. It’s a machine build flow trail that is super fun. There’s lots more trails there that I didn’t have the chance to ride.


Does 3 hours away from Moncton count?

Check out Rotary Park in Dieppe. They’ve put a bunch of work into it the last couple years and will be hosting a Canada Cup XC race later this summer .
Hillsborough is great too if you have the time.

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Nah, otherwise Brookvale

I second the suggestion of Rotary park. If you are short on time, this is quite the little gem. It doesn’t have a long trail system, but there’s quite a bit of fun packed into a small footprint.

Since you only have 3h, once you arrive at Minto, you’ll have to turn around. Ride White Rock. Lots of really fun and long trails there. Lots of sweet DH runs too. If you think you’ll be tight on time then your other only option is Dieppe Rotary Park. A few jumps, trails and pump/jump park. The rest up there is super secret and hidden.

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3 hours, in and out the door, I would do Rotary in Dieppe, or Humphrey Trail in Moncton.
With 3 hours, you could also try to ride Whiterock in Hillsborough, but it would be pretty close on time, depending where around Moncton you are located.


I guess the joke was missed :slight_smile: