Inhaling bugs

Maybe keep a few cans of beer in your camelbak. I find it good for cleansing the palete. Great energy drink as well.

I managed to inhale a blackfly or some other such beastie about 15 seconds into a ride today. I managed to hawk it back up, but spent the rest of the ride fighting with the excess mucus my lungs started producing.

Anyone else experience this? Any tips to try and clear the gunk out and be able to breathe better?

Sounds like the story of my life. Although my lungs were much better than usual earlier in the year, all the inhalers and pills in the world don’t seem to have any effect right now - too many allergens and too much wind. I find any irritation at all (bug in throat included) makes for a mucus fest when I’m exerting myself.

You could try those BreatheRight strip things that spread your nostrils wider. I don’t know if they’ll decrease the mucus any, but they might help to direct bugs up your nose instead of down your throat.

That’s all I’ve got. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember thos old BMX guys wearing the faceguards back in the day? Something like that might help. Or pantyhose over the face.

As far as mucus goes, try one teaspoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water. Sip it while inhaling the vapours. Good for most anything cold/flu-ish. Should help with this, I think. Try it!

canadian tire fishing section, get a mesh hood. or learn to breath through your eyes and clenched teeth. or swallow the fly and think of it as extra protien.

I raced at Martock once wearing one of those mesh bug hats. It’s amazing how hard it is to breathe through mesh when you’re givin’er!

I have some breathright strips, may have to try them for riding,
see if it helps.

I’m not sure carrying a cup of hot water with honey and apple cider
vinegar will be very practical while on a ride… Maybe I should
mug Sue and steal some of her asthma meds.

I actually carry a mesh bug shirt with a built in hoof for traiside
repairs when the bugs are bad, but I couldn’t imagine riding with
it on.

I guess I’ll have to just learn to breath through my eyes.

BTW, I inhaled bugs 3 times last night while I was riding and quickl;y discovered that if you wash them down with water instead of trying to hack them up, the ensuing mucusfest is far less problematic. Good way to make yourself drink more, too!

Cool, that is the exact type of info I was looking for. Extra protein too!