Innovative Product For Road Riders

One of the simplest, effective safety products I have seen… good ol’ Volvo

Volvo Biker Safety

This is classic blame the victim BS, even if cyclists were lit up like a Christmas tree people would get hit by distracted/drunk/road rage/fast and furious wannabes. I know it’s a double edge knife but the onus is on drivers to be responsible with the privilege they have when they get behind the wheel.

Imo, it’s about giving yourself the best chance of visibility… we will never be able to control the actions of someone else, but we can up the odds in our favour.

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@bent6543 did you write this article? :smile:

Don’t Make Cyclists More Visible

@Rolls I wish I could articulate my opinion that well, in the meantime that article will do.

Screw helmets and visible clothing… in fact, screw headlights, airbags, turn signals and seatbelts, let’s turn this mother into Mad F’in Max baby!!

There is nothing wrong with helmets and visible clothing in themselves. The problem is that drivers have a burden of responsibility that outweighs that of cyclists because they are operating a much more dangerous weapon. Shifting that responsibility to cyclists is a moral failure.

There is a problem with helmet laws because they can lead to a reduction in utilitarian cycling. Perversely, helmet laws may make cycling more dangerous due to drivers not being used to cyclists.