Irishmans Road

I am seriously thinking about heading to Irishman’s Road tonight (Wednesday July 13). How do the trails handle the amount of rain we had last night? I don’t want to do any harm.

Tentatively, I plan to leave Burnside at 5 or every shortly thereafter. I rode there briefly last Sunday (already had ridden the Gorge and Resevoir Park that day) and really liked it. Thought I would go look around there again

They should be pretty good by this evening, the trails drain fast except for a few small sections. The rain was localized so it didn’t necessarily rain there.

Obviously too late now, but I rode there Wed eve at around 5:30 and the trail was in excellent condition. First time there so it was a bit of a recce. Not 100% sure I rode all of the trails but the newer stuff was quite nice. Recognized the good workmanship immediately.