Is Skull getting more

I rode Spider Lake last night. Most trails are rideable but a few still need a little drying time.

I headed out Skull and found it VERY rough/bumpy for lack of a better term. It was very difficult to get a lot of flow because it seemed like I was fighting the line the whole time. I found Replicator the same way. Are the trails becoming more eroded or are my riding skills down considerably after a winter of riding semi groomed trails? All three of us commented the same thing.

I think the trails are getting rougher/more eroded. Replicator hasn’t been the same since they clear cut that area. Aside from the winter, I don’t recall Skull ever being smooth/flowy other then maybe a few short sections, but overall it does seem to be getting worse. The erosion is also fairly evident on The Ribbon as well I find.

there has been little to no work done in there for many years now. combined with the effect of the clear cutting, the heavy traffic some of which is now motorized you end up with the current product. so yes you are correct it is getting rougher although I still question your skills :open_mouth: