Is there a name for a feature on a berm?

Riding a particular berm on Chicken Cougar on sunday and the berm had a shape that wasn’t consistent and seemed to fall away. Felt cool.

I might be thinking about this to much… but is this intentional and is there a name for it?

It seems to me berms could do either fall away or tighten up.

Hmm I can’t think of the spot you’re referring to, mainly because all I can think about is the 5(?) pack of small jumps/rollers 2/3rds down :star_struck:

I think I know which berm you mean. There is a similar feature on one of the berms near the start of Gore. You basically ramp off the end of the berm.


I’ve got a name for it- Awesome! LOL


Theres a couple on chicken cougar, theyre super fun! not sure if theres a name specifically but the idea is to launch you directly into the next berm, kinda like a gap jump. Maybe a gap berm? A bap? A germ? Either way, A+ work on the revamping of chicken cougar, cannot praise it enough