Is this lube enduro specific?

So enduro is sweeping the world and things are sometimes getting downright silly with the genres and sub genres of mtn biking. And its silly.

Pinkbike dropped this topic on the internet today and I think its a good one … ecome.html

My opinions : let it be totally independent. Form Enduro based upon the local scene. Here in Nova Scotia we can’t have France sized mountains and terrain, so instead we have '“Ryan and Michelle’s Trailflow Enduro” and you know what ? People love it.

I had a lot longer rant in my head but things like the UCI etc just give me the heebie jeebies.

It’s kind of silly… Enduro, All Mountain, Freeride… whatever, it’s all mountain biking to me! People have this wacky need to pingeonhole stuff… screw that just get on your bike and ride!

Thats kind of where this rant was going. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could advertise a “mountain bike race” and people just “race what they brung”. rules are “fastest from here to there, let er rip”

Thanks for the kinds words Jeff!

We went in to the Enduro races this year not knowing what to expect as far as turn outs and rider reactions, it was a bit of a gamble, but in the end all the feedback we’ve been getting has been very positive!

Your right that we don’t have mountains the size of France and the kind of terrain that goes along with it. So our goal with the courses we ran was to make them as fun as possible and get the best mix of technical riding with just the right about of physical effort. The courses at The Gorge was pretty optimal in my mind and came together really well. The race we ran at The Links, to be honest was much more of a challenge when it came to choosing a course. With the layout of the hill finding the right compromise between the DH segments and XC was tricky but it worked out in the end.

Needless to say out little enduro experiment worked out great and you can expect to see at least two enduro’s on the race calendar again for next year!

P/S: Our Enduros races were fully sanctioned events under Bicycle Nova Scotia and there for Cycling Canada and in the end the UCI.