ISO bearing press in HRM to borrow

Need to replace/overhaul some frame pivot bearings. Anyone got a good toolset I can borrow for a day? Can provide beer :slight_smile:

I’ve used a bolt, nut and washers a number of times. The thing I’ve learnt is to make sure you’re equally applying press to the inner and outer races and you take into account any recessed bearings.

Getting bearings out with the right tools (or busting something) is harder!


Hi David,

Same wrt to bolt, nut and washers. More for avoiding damage during removal and saving time.

I wonder if the community bike repair spot on peninsula has something.



I have a wheels mfg bearing press kit which might work, but I only have a limited range of drifts.

What size bearings are in your frame’s pivots?

Here’s a good kit for a reasonable price Bearing Press Tool — Alt Alt Bike Products


I have and use one of those presses in the shop and it works great!


Yeah I saw this. Looks solid!

Good question. I just got the replacement bearings but I need to inspect the red. Will probably tackle this more in May.

This looks amazing and is Canadian made! :star_struck:
Will have to check for compatibility… thank you for posting link and for those who gave shout-outs!