It's Fatty Rental Season...Rent Here & All Revenue Goes to MRWA

It’s Fatty season again. Rent your fatty here and all revenue goes to MRWA…


Thanks Alan and Custom Clean!

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Super cool!

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Where is the pick up location if i decided to rent one in the near future?

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Pretty sure it’s Custom Clean’s shop on Cobequid Rd Lower Sackville.

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@Coaster2 currently has one of Alan’s bike maybe he could provide some info.

Yes, pick up is CCA on Cobequid Rd.


Im gonna be at spiderlake right after i pick this up if anyones riding early. Prob arpund 930


I am pretty sure they are closed Sunday so I’m not sure why that worked.

I will look into that for you.

Lol well that sux

Hi guys… Keith is right… note our office hours in this link…

Keith us going to get you the bike… he had it rented today…

It’s okay, I will give you the one that I have and Alan will fix the system so it doesn’t allow that in the future. Let me see if I can meet you at Spider at 9:30am tomorrow morning.

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Sounds good. Well let me know when your 100% if u can make it or not.
I really appreciate it. Dont think this snow is gonna be around long

Okay, it’s official, I can meet you with the bike at 9:30. It will have flat pedals on it and it doesn’t have a bottle cage.

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Perfect i ride flats and use a water pack anyways

Gonna rent this at some time this winter and give it a try, especially since it supports a good cause!

where did that go!.. they did have em…weird… do we really have to check all that stuff comes back on tha bike… dealing with j q public can be silly…