It's Fatty Rental Season...Rent Here & All Revenue Goes to MRWA

It’s Fatty season again. Rent your fatty here and all revenue goes to MRWA…


Thanks Alan and Custom Clean!

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Super cool!

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Where is the pick up location if i decided to rent one in the near future?

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Pretty sure it’s Custom Clean’s shop on Cobequid Rd Lower Sackville.

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@Coaster2 currently has one of Alan’s bike maybe he could provide some info.

Yes, pick up is CCA on Cobequid Rd.


Im gonna be at spiderlake right after i pick this up if anyones riding early. Prob arpund 930


I am pretty sure they are closed Sunday so I’m not sure why that worked.

I will look into that for you.

Lol well that sux

Hi guys… Keith is right… note our office hours in this link…

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Keith us going to get you the bike… he had it rented today…

It’s okay, I will give you the one that I have and Alan will fix the system so it doesn’t allow that in the future. Let me see if I can meet you at Spider at 9:30am tomorrow morning.

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Sounds good. Well let me know when your 100% if u can make it or not.
I really appreciate it. Dont think this snow is gonna be around long

Okay, it’s official, I can meet you with the bike at 9:30. It will have flat pedals on it and it doesn’t have a bottle cage.

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Perfect i ride flats and use a water pack anyways

Gonna rent this at some time this winter and give it a try, especially since it supports a good cause!

where did that go!.. they did have em…weird… do we really have to check all that stuff comes back on tha bike… dealing with j q public can be silly…