It's the return of the ......ECMTB sticker

That’s right…would the real ECMTB stickers please stand up.

Not only did we resurrect the ECMTB brand, we have fancy new ‘old school’ sticker for your bike or helmet or car or …whatever.

They are the same design, more or less, a simple ECMTB available in either grey/silver or Black. They stick to all brands of bikes. They even stick to road bikes and helmets. How versatile is that now?

We are asking for $3.00 per sticker or 2 for $5.00.

If you want one or two contact me via messaging or at


@riderx, are those the old stickers or new ones?

Folks, this is a great way to help out the site (our community). Buy’em up so we can move on to other swag too like Jerseys or mugs.

I’m assuming @riderx will bring a bunch to the Tuesday night ride.

The pic is of the older sticker, but the new ones are the same.

Yes, I’ll have them at the Weekly ride this Tuesday for sure.

A little overdue for installing this…


I like the old ones more then the new ones only because I find they look better on the bikes haha. I’ll definitely need to get a few.