Iverson Rebuild almost Done!

You need tassels and a skirt first. Then we shall converse further on the matter…

So I was driving down my street and lo and behold I saw this bike on the side of the road on garbage day. Naturally I had to stop to pick it up.

After a lot of intertube searching I found out what I had saved from imminent destruction. In the late 60’s Iverson bicycles was started in the states. They focused primarily on lowrider, muscle bikes withunique character. Some of the memorable ones deisgned include the 20" banana seat bike that Eddy Munster rode in the TV series the Munsters.

The one I picked up is much more modest model from the mid 70’s. The particular model is more of a guess than actually proven at this point. I believe it is a mini-miss which was mass produced in Portugal.

I’m almost done. I’m just waiting on a few parts to arrive and then the final build.

This is the before pic:

The after pic to this point:

The items I had to change were: new handlebars, seatpost, banana seat (not easy to find in white), the whitewall 20" tires, and the ODI grips. To remove the rust from the chrome I used some fine steel wool.

I would still like to rechrome the fenders, maybe repaint it. We’ll have to see what happens.

I like the patina the old original paint has. Makes a bike look like it has a history still. Just keep the chrome shined up with light oil and balled up tinfoil. Spray Nine the paint and rub the dirt off, then use some car wax to brighten it up and get rid of the dullness and minor scratches. New tires, grips, pedals and saddles really make an old bike pop without going over the top. Looks good buddy.

looks good now where are the studs for ice racing :wink:

white wall studded tires think about it

and it’s mising the chrome bottle opener :wink:

There might be a clearance issue with studs and those fenders!

The clearance is definitely tight. I’m thinking it’ll make a great night Crit racer!