Jimmys Round Top

Anyone have a decent strava or similar track of Jimmys Round Top? I’m curious where the track runs.


It will be a mud hole there for a while now…even more than usual.

Not my track and a bit old (2004) but this seems to be close to the traditional loop, with some side trips.

Probably the best description (with maps that aren’t of the best quality due to photocopying) is Randy Gray’s book “Mountain Bike Trails for Halifax and Vicinity”

I’ve ridden this area three times in the last few weeks. The main road (extension of Joshua Slocum Ave.) has been improved by the Safety Minded ATV Association and will probably be good riding regardless of weather all the way to the old coach road. The branch to the right that goes to the Old Halifax Road (off of the Peggys Cove Road) is relatively dry now, but there are a few water holes. Nothing you can’t ride through while keeping your feet dry (if you’re careful). The Woodens River Road is a good ride without any water holes. The old coach road has had some improvement made too. There are some new culverts and I don’t remember any significant water or mud between the Peggys Cove Road end and the tee intersection with the road from Joshua Slocum Ave. Beyond the tee, there has been a lot of improvement and the work is still ongoing as there were three pieces of equipment parked in there yesterday. One long swampy section has a completely new, elevated roadbed. The improvements currently stop about 1 km east of Big Five Bridge Lake. I kept going beyond that yesterday and it was a pretty good ride all the way to Nine Mile River. It doesn’t look like it gets much traffic, but the big swamp I remember from 10 years ago has a boardwalk that allowed me to ride across it. There are a few mud holes on this section, but they are easy to get around and most of the trail is dry. There’s been more ATV traffic east of Nine Mile River and there are more mud holes. This part is less pleasant. I took the eastern fork that heads north to the landfill and out the old Greenhead Road. That was a bad mistake. It starts out good but soon after the old farm, the water holes begin. At first you can get around them, but eventually there is no good alternative but to ride through them. Even with the dry weather we’ve had they’re hub deep, some times for 25 m or more. If it wasn’t for this section, I probably could have had dry feet at the end of the ride. (The western fork is probably better. I’ll try it next time.) The ride out from the landfill to highway 103 has some water holes but they’re easy to get around, so it’s a good ride.