Juicy 3 pads

Yeah, I’m even lost at getting them out. Will get a bright flashlight and some beer and take another swing at it tonite :slight_smile:

Are avid juicy 3 and juicy 5 pads compatible?

A shop sold me juicy 5 pads saying they were. I get the hunch they aren’t.

Pretty sure they are. I took pads out of Juicy 3’s and used them in Juicy Ultimate calipers. Don’t all Juicy’s use the same pad? Or shaped pad anyways.

They are.

If you’re having trouble getting them in it’s probably because you have to push your pistons back in, they will adjust slightly for worn brake pads and when you try to put new ones in there isn’t enough room. I lost some sanity the first time I tried to replace my pads, but now that I know the trick it takes only a couple of seconds.