Just wondering what's better?

Just wondering if anybody knows what’s a better shock ? A marzocchi bomber mx pro lo , Or a rockshox Tora 302 ?

I would have thought someone would have chimed in on this one.

@jetter, @gtrguy, @bent6543, @Pepperjester: any thoughts on this?

I’d say which ever one you can get cheaper…but I’d lean toward the Marzocchi

I’ve never ridden either fork but from a quick look on the interwebs the Marzocchi is coil spring with 30mm stanchions, adjustable rebound dampening. The 302 is either coil with 32mm stanchions unless it’s a 302 solo and then it’s an air spring, adjustable rebound dampening. Weight is probably similar, on the heavy side, stiffness is probably similar. There are different versions of the 302 with some added bells and whistles like travel adjustments (U-turn) but nothing that would sell me the fork.

I’d be wiling to bet the Marzocchi would outlast the Tora, but I may be biased from the old days since I still have a Z2 from 1998 that works perfectly thanks to simple user serviceability.

I would lean towards Marzocchi as well between these two.

My gut says the Marzocchi. But let me do so research…

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