Keeping our car and doing it up with some Yakima kit

So, after pricing up a few things, it looks we are going to keep the Corolla, but making it a little more utilitatian for us. It’s paid for, so the only real drawback is cargo capacity. Enter the Yakima Loadwarrior. Yup, one with and axe/shovel mount on each side, a cargo net, mounts for my last two Hella 500 rally lights, and a deflector for the stickers. After assembling our new Yakima Stickup rack tonight, I would more than happily purchase more Yakima gear. Top notch. So, running bare steelies should be fine from now on as well. So long pink wheel covers. It was fun while it lasted. Might even integrate some LED tail lights into it so the bikes don’t obscure the brakes and turn signals. Best part of it all is the wife already approves! Here’s to many more happy miles together. And to looking bad-arsed.