Kentville Canada Cup 2019

Canada Cup is this weekend folks. I want to encourage everybody to take in some part of this great event. You can race, volunteer or simply come down and cheer on the racers. Last year the stadium section was rocken on Sunday for the big guns there were literally 100’s of folks in the woods making a shit ton of noise.
Who’s going to be representing ecmtb this year and wearing one of the sexy new jerseys eh?
The young lion Ryan, the golden goose James or how about captain K Croucher?


Hope to see you all there. This is going to be a ton of fun and a pretty big deal for the East Coast. Events like this are more than just races, but help drive trail development and who doesn’t like more trails!?

Don’t forget we have races for all ages starting at 7! The U9 and U11 races have on site registration Saturday morning and get to race for $5!

Also new this year is Saturday nights Short Track race on a brand new, fun, flowy fast trail at Memorial Park.

Need a pre ride tour? just let me know when! We’ll have an official ride Wednesday night 6:30 from the Gorge but I can fit you in pretty much any time this week :slight_smile:

Register here:


There are forms available if you want to volunteer for any of the events during the weekend. Email me and I can send them out.

I am volunteering on Friday but I am solo parenting for the rest of the weekend so I can not compete.
Yours Truly,
Cap’n K Croucher :grinning:


I wish! Sorely my work schedule is not so convenient when it comes to weekend events. The Golden Goose won’t be able to make an appearance. I wish everyone that can make it a great time. Cheers

For information on all the events going on this weekend (including volunteer, and camping information)…
or on facebook.

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Numbers are starting to look good! There’s still time to get your name on the start sheet but registration closes tonight at 8:00

Hit it up!


Me and couple buds are on a suicide mission tomorrow. :cold_sweat:
I’m still reeling more before registration closes.

We were doing recon yesterday trails were a+Superb ! while some local lady we’re talking complaints on 3 days of road closure to everyone park close to her place.


I just finished riding the course. WOW!!! It is fun to ride a real track. Lots of uphill and rooty singletrack. One tough switchback. The short track course by the ballfield was great too. Fast and Flowy

If you ride a mountain bike in Nova Scotia you should be heading there Sunday to ride. It’s a rare chance to ride a course that is PERFECT shape


It was just a Perfect Killer day! The master experts we’re all bomb :bomb: and blastful!

Thanks to all volunteers, kentville and trail Master flow for making it an experience!


Hope all goes well with Kentville Canada Cup. We have family in hospital and won’t make it. :frowning:

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Is the course rideable to us mortals today?

Should be good to go after the 1pm race. I’d guess 2:30 or so

A couple vids from the men’s elite race…


That was a dope weekend. Quick notes…

Rider numbers up by around 30 from last year, plus over 60 did two races (XCO and short track) and the parade on Friday had well over 40 riders too.

People are stoked. We’re on again next summer.

Recap video, detailed stats, etc. coming soon. I’m still in recovery mode…


Nice. Hope to make it next time around.

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See you on the stat line Randy!

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Very well done event, at all levels.
Course is A++

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^ ^ Thanks Paul!

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Sounds great. Way to go Ryan, Michelle and everyone! Hope to make it next year!