Keppoch Enduro Day: Oct 17th, 2020- REGISTRATION OPEN

Keppoch Mtn is hosting an Enduro Challenge on Saturday, Oct 17th!

Timed descents, climb back up at your own speed, rip w friends, maybe win some prizes, laugh your face off, have a killer good time.

Category field caps in place to ensure social distancing and ensure there’s timing chips for all entrants.

Details and small print to follow.

Registration is LIVE: EVENTS — The Keppoch


Just signed up, that’ll be a blast.

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Not sure I’ll be able to make this due to work constraints, but I’m Enduro-curious.Have only ever done xc races. Does one require a full face helmet? any other requirements? (other than duct taping a tube to my frame :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )
I love “ripping” (in my mind) down the trails at keppoch, although I’m a little nervous (especially after breaking some ribs there) that I might get in over my head on a descent ie on Riverside. Some of the trails I’m very comfortable with, others I’m working on! Stupid question, but is there any chance the course Marshall would send another rider down while I’m still halfway trying to pick my way down? As someone of likely novice downhill skillz, I would find that intimidating…


All great questions!

Don’t let the idea of ‘Enduro Challenge’ intimidate ya, it’s simply trail riding with timed descents. Riders are well spaced apart and in like-skilled groups for seeding so little risk of getting caught on runs involving 2-300 metres of elevation drop.

I had a convo earlier today with someone:
“I’m not sure I’m fast enough to race an enduro.”
“Do you like to go out with your buddies and rip trails?”
“Yeah, sure, we do that every wknd!”
“Well then, you’re already enduro’ing! Don’t overthink it, it’s simply trail riding. Don’t feel like ripping at your limit? Throttle it back. Don’t want to get air on the jumps? Just roll 'em. Don’t care about your results? NP, don’t look at them.”

As for the many Q’s of "do I need a fullface? Can I take the shuttle up? Can I switch bikes btwn runs? Will I get mowed down by a faster rider? , etc I expect that the organizing committee will release guidelines and rules shortly to answer all of these. It’s fairly straightforward, common sense stuff but it’s good to familiarize yourself with the info beforehand.

Ultimately it’s all about the fun factor and ripping bikes with friends is fun so when you can rip bikes with 75 to 100 friends it’s that much more fun!


Can’t wait, just signed up!


This sounds fun. Might have to try it out

For ppl wondering if u have to pedal up or not. Answer is yes

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Sounds like a great time. I haven’t been to keppoch in years and it’s been awhile since I last zapstrapped a number plate to my h’bar.

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Might not even be number plates. Just little chip transponders to wear on your wrist.


But that’s a slippery slope to the government putting chips inside of us!


Tagged like cattle.


Time to dust off those maxxis dh tires, or is that overkill?

Edit: probably overkill, great for flat protection but they suck in the acceleration department(rode through Wentworth some yesterdayl, might try the Vitoria AKAs on the same wheels.


Going for sure

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Sounds like a blast, but I don’t have a car. is there anyone driving up from Halifax that I could hitch a ride with?

Wow, mega turnout this wknd at Keppoch for some solid riding!
Had to be 75+ riders ranging from first timers to big hitters, all of them having a blast.
Since no one knows which trails will be used in the Keppoch Enduro we just decided to play the odds and ride them all a bunch of times :sweat_smile:


Is it all buff or are there techy rooty sections? Doubt I’ll be pre riding so a heads up is appreciated.



Yeah there’ll be a wide variety of terrain and trails.

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