Keppoch Enduro

Can’t say enough good things about the event yesterday. Thank you to everyone who made it possible from the event location, shops and businesses supporting it, bns timing system especially to the participants. The wide cross section of participants (and rigs) was mind blowing. The format of the event made it seem like a big group ride with each rider just doing their own thing. The overall atmosphere of the event reminded me of the xc race scene when I first started racing years ago, glad to see its back. Definitely do it again.


110% agreed. Fantastic venue, people and vibe. Thanks to all involved!


Oh wow, what a time!!!
Major thumbs up to Keppoch, Jeff Simms (The Bike Monkey) and Devon White for organizing this event!
Thanks to the sponsors who kicked in and supported it!
Thanks to the 120 regstd riders that made it such a cool event!!
Great venue, wicked stages, extreme stacked fields and smiles for miles all around- well done Atlantic Canada!
Results HERE:


Such a good time! :clap:


Great time, mix of people, well thought out, organized, and can’t wait to do it again. My son had a couple of spills on stage 4 but was so stoked at the end to completed his first race. And he’s keen to get back out on the bike :grinning: so mission definitely completed :beers:


For anyone that participated here’s photos from the event. Keppoch Enduro - Tim Foster

Thanks everyone for bringing the stoke, it was a great day and we hope to put more of these together! Stay tuned. :call_me_hand: