Keppoch Mountain

Description: Downhill runs, cross country trails and pump track

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Location: Antigonish, NS

Trail Head::Keppoch Rd

Trail Forks: Keppoch Mountain


Notes: The trails are open year round but the shuttle only runs on Sundays during the months of Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep.

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How would the runs at Keppoch be on a 5" trail bike? Manageable? I ride a Kona Process 134.

you shouldn’t have any problems

Keppoch has a slick new website. Complete with a new trail map, events calendar and links to all their trails on Trailforks.


Looks nice and easy to use. The map is nice to along with the links to trail forks.

All of a sudden, I feel a need to visit Antigonish.
Looks really good

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I’m planning to go up for Sunday afternoon with a friend from out of town.

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I was thinking about a road trip myself. I can’t get away this weekend though.

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No, this weekend isn’t good for me either.
Canada Day weekend is blocked with ‘roadie’ stuff
Weekend after I’m travelling for work…

Hopefully before the end of July?
Trying to do too much with too little time

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Be cool if we could organize a large enough group of ECMTBers to make it worthwhile for them to run the shuttle on a Saturday… I’d probably stay over and shuttle Sunday too!


@gtrguy I like your thinking.

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I was thinking about going up again but not till August sometime. Awesome trails hit everyone on father’s day weekend.

I’m up in antigonish a few times/month for work, so I try to hit up keppoch as much as possible when I’m there. The place gets better and better every time I ride it. My kids love the pump track and skills trail. My 7 yr old rode to the top with me last summer-proud papa moment.
Bring ur bug spray if you go!


I took 5 stitches in my knee from a crash last week. Once those are out I am definitely headed to Keppoch. I love the trails there. Even the climbs are fun

New trails, more shuttles, all good.


That’s awesome! So looking forward to shuttle runs!

From @KeppochMountain FB page:


Shuttles will operate from 11am-5pm

Rules For Shuttle Use:

  1. stay home if you do not feel well

  2. if you have recently returned from out of the province you must have isolated at home for two weeks

  3. shuttle daily capacity is 40 registered users.

  4. users must be in groups with a maximum of TEN people who have not been socially distancing. *users affirm that these groups have been having regular contact

  5. only ONE group is allowed on the shuttle at once. This will result in longer wait times. We thank you for your patience. Please plan your day accordingly.

You can prebook buy e-transfering us at cost is $35 for non-members and $25 for members. Use password “mountain”


FYI shuttles are currently available 7 days a week. Weekdays are private group reservations only at $350 for four hours. Weekends are first come first served at $25 (members) or $35 (non-members) for the day.