Keppoch ride

Hey everyone just was thinking of getting some people together to go up to Keppoch on one of the lasts Sundays this month. 18th or the 25th. I hear alot about the trails and never been up there.

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I was thinking of Keppoc today. I have heard rumours about it, so this might be a good place to check em out. :slight_smile: I looked at their website, but that thing is (in my opinion) a mess. Anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: I heard was that they charge $50 for a membership, well I read that on the site, but it didnt say what it includes or how long it is good for. I also heard that they have a lift or something like that which takes you all the way to the top? I seen a map of their trails, looks like a lot of fun :slight_smile:

It’s $35 for a day of shuttling. We were there on Sunday. The trails are great, the shuttle is relatively quick.

If you don’t want to shuttle it’s free to ride there, the climb is not technical at all and not steep. I do it in around 15 minutes at a steady middle ring pace, to give you an idea the race pace for the climb is sub 10 min.

The trails are fun, worth the trip for sure they’ve added quite bit since I was there last and I’m sure they are fun too.


$35 for the shuttle isnt bad at all. As you know @bent6543, hills and I do not go well together :stuck_out_tongue: I might have to look into this now.

Ya I know about the shuttle price. I thought that Sunday would be a better day just because if your there most of the day it may save your legs a bit.

But for riding there I don’t think you have to be a member you can make a donation

I’ve ridden Keppoch 5 or 6 times,there is something for everyone there. It’s worth the drive from Halifax, especially if you make a day of it.

It’s a day trip. Or until we can’t pedal anymore.

Right now I think it’s a go for the 18th. So if there is anyone going up to let me know