Keppoch trip august 1

Putting feelers out there for an aug 1st keppoch trip.
Ive never been and would love to hit it up on a shuttle day.
Have a baby coming august 21st and i know my rides r gonna dial back for a bit so trying to get a keppoch trip in prior haha
Let me know if anyone’s interested maybe get some car pools goin. Save a little gas money


I think I could make that work, I’ll know more later this week

Sounds good. Let me know. Thats why im giving a cpl weeks notice. Hopefully I can get atleast a handful of ppl interested

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we got a truck and go to keppoch every weekend. hit me up if you are interested.


Very interested. Im going august 1st aslong as nothing comes up bewteen now and then. Have a sitter lined up and im taking advantage of it lol

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Still heading up saturday morning. Gonna bring my own truck since i have a 8 month pregnant GF at home and ya never know haha
Let me know if anyone wants to meet up or if your close to coleharbour and want a ride. Just me as of now

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Another question of course haha
What are the black diamonds like at keppoch?
Alot of unavoidable features? ie large drops or jumps?
I dont mind testing myself but dont wanna bite off more than I can chew lol

Nothing too crazy, I’ve ridden all the trails on a 140/125mm trail bike. However, riding it on a DH sled is a different (and extremely fun) experience.

Pick your lines, I don’t think there’s anything that can’t be rolled or worked around.

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I’ve rode them all except the newest one, (i think its called riverside) on a hardtail and it was all good, nothing too crazy. Havent been there since riverside was built but it looks like a lot of fun - machine built jump trail

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Thanks for the input fellas

Anyone know when the shuttle starts at keppoch? Cant find it on the website

Im not a jumper so I rolled everything but yeh if u like to get in the air. Your gonna love riverside