Keppoch Trip

I’m thinking a trip to Keppoch might be in order. We have done a day trip to the island and Keppoch is even closer.

As always, I’m available Sundays and Tuesdays. I don’t need a shuttle, I rather enjoy climbing, so that’s not necessary for me.

What are people’s thoughts?


You betcha.


I’m randomly up in Antigonish for work, would love to join you guys for a ride if the dates work out

I could probably do as early as Sunday or Tuesday. Summer is running away from us!

Who would be able to and up to a ride on Sunday? I was thinking of heading down on Saturday evening, perhaps staying with a friend or camping or whatever and then ride Sunday?

Maybe even stay at the campsite near fitz, ride fitz in the am and then hit up keppoch after lunch and then back?

Im at keppoch every sunday (and occasional saturday as well) as of late, so i will be there for sure! I, however, am a shuttler as i only have freeride and downhill bikes :unamused:

Im still about 5 crashes away from getting an xc bike haha

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I would be interested in Sunday for some shuttle runs at Keppoch. Dont quite have the endurance this year to make it an all day event so I would probably be looking to leave Sunday morning from Dartmouth. I am open to the idea of carpooling if someone else is just doing Keppoch from HRM area

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Hey, if someone had space for me I’d go! We’re doing a bikejoring event there later this fall and i’d LOVE to get some time on the race trails before actually racing them.

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Working this weekend unfortunately

What about next weekend, the 23/24th? I’m thinking camp overnight Saturday, ride fitz Sunday am, then lunch and to keppoch and drive back to hali/valley.

That might be better for me. Won’t know for sure until closer to the date.

Great idea, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite fit with my Sept schedule. Wondering if Keppoch would allow camping at the far end of the parking lot? Anyone know of a campground close to the hill?

X2 no go this weekend, but I don’t think I have any other plans for next weekend.

@nige I know someone who stayed overnight in the parking lot. Doesn’t mean they were allowed, but nobody told them they couldn’t.

The Oasis campground would be the closest - just on the other side of Antigonish.

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I might be interested in this. I would love to ride fitz as I haven’t been there in over 10 years and keppoch is a blast. I’ll let you know!

Theres no problem camping in the parking lot as long as you are respectful and leave it how you found it, tons of people do it. Usually a tent or two every Sunday morning at minimum can be spotted throughout the parking lot


Theres also a donation box if youd like to be so generous as to leave a camp fee :stuck_out_tongue:


Interested in the 23rd/24th weekend. Might head up to Port Hawkesbury on Saturday, stay at dad’s and roll up to Keppoch early on Sunday morning. More interested in the XC component so no need for a shuttle for me. Haven’t been there yet, so going with a group would be preferable.

Will know better midweek.