Keppoch Video

@Spindatt takes on Keppoch. Good stuff.


Thanks for sharing @Rolls! I’m always surprised when people watch my content haha


“I have no idea where I am” @IanM_MTB @shadowfox70 I think thats the road we came out on and said just about the same thing haha.

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Yep, that service road at the back. Not sure how he got there, but we jumped off trail somewhere lower, but if he was up around Glass Slipper and Wooden Shoe, entirely possibly he popped out at the start/end of Big Allen.

Now I want to go back to Keppoch!



I want to go back and try more of the black diamond runs. We mostly stuck to the intermediate runs last time we were there, but seeing him handle the black diamonds on a hard tail is inspiring.

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Love the way the dog puts a stop to it.

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I would love to go hit the blacks again! Only got to ride two of them but man it was fun.

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Trail dog Norman was the star of the show…lol

Great video and edit by the supporting cast.

The group at keppoch and highland all watched this not long ago! Highland bike shop sent it to me because I’m always up there with my border collie !