Keppoch - Wednesday June 24th

I have the chance to get to Keppoch on Wednesday, so I’m taking advantage of it. I plan to be there right around 11.

Where: Keppoch
When: 2020-06-24T14:00:00Z
Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced, depends on what way down you choose
Cost: Day use fee - $10

  • Yes, see you there!
  • No, wish I could.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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This is not an official ECMTB ride.

Is it a private shuttle or what’s going on and how many people can go I’m thinking of setting up a private shuttle day but is that possible now?

If I can get my free hub fixed up today/tonight I’ll be in for sure

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You send them a message thru their contact form on the website to book the shuttle during the week. $350 for 4 hours.

I don`t expect there to be enough people coming to make it affordable for the shuttle, so the plan is to ride up as many times as my legs and time allows.


Freehub is all sorted now, I’ll be there :grin:


Keppoch is in great shape right now. Enjoy!