Anyone know when it opens (or if its already open) this season? Lists June 14 on website, but I heard it opens sooner.

Also, can’t find a phone number for them anywhere—anyone know it?

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Patiently waiting for response. :smile:

It’s open year round, trails might be too soft to ride right now…the June 14 date is for shuttle runs.

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There isn’t really a phone number per say as it’s just a volunteer run organization. That said, a post from this morning on the Keppoch Trail Building Facebook group said that the trails are drying nicely (which is awesome since there was still a fair bit of snow there last week) and East and West Summit are dry, as is Lady Slipper and Big Allen. There’s plenty there for a good XC day. If you’re into the downhill you’ll have to wait a little longer, but it won’t take too long the way they blow their trails out every fall.