KIJIJI "specials"

“Custom Made Mountain Bike,Super Light,Extremely narrow handle bars,Ideal for riding thru Woods,all black matte finish - no frills.
It has been down the best West Coast trails a true proven Special Bike.”


I’m not proud to say this, but it took me more than 30 seconds to recognize this as a BSO. But I must say that the mullet brake setup and backwards fork are pretty “unique”.

I thought the description alone was worth a few laughs, but the picture really is the punchline. This is a classic example of the “backwards reverse brake arch”, all to common on kijiji.

It’s almost an addiction for me, scanning through kijiji bike ads just to see these gems. I only post the best of the best for your entertainment…or purchase of course.

remember the national Canadian tire add that had the fork installed backwards like this one.

Bahahahahaha ! That’s a good laugh

“Rhyno lite rim. In good condition but needs new hub”

One of these things is not like the other…