KIJIJI: Wanted: People to help build trail and ride with

Saw this on KIJIJI today…

“Me and My Friend are looking for a few people to Bike with and help us build trail behind Kidston lake.We had some trail cut up there last year but they ended up Clear cutting the area up there but there is still a bunch of woods up there that we can cut trail.There will be NO Tree Cutting only Bushes.if a tree is in the way we just go around it.Would prefer People 19 or older because we drink at the end of the day.P.S We are only interested in working on this trial.once the trail is done we will be building a camp”

Interesting. Different approach to get help…I like it.

I rode a bunch of the previous trail these guys made- was a lot of fun, some nice exposed granite sections and some fun singletrack and doubletrack stuff. Ran into them one evening on the trail- seemed like pretty chill dudes.

Ooooh granite you say? Do tell.

Yeah, it was pretty sweet riding- right near the Rockingstone Heights school… I believe that whole area is in the middle of being developed at the moment… familiar story eh?