Know of any jumps?

The trails at the Range are on Trailforks, yes. The jumps specifically are are not, there is a difference.

I’m not going to speak to another persons stupidity/common sense as it’s a relative term and I see dozens of people a day go about their business and it seems to me like they have none.

Glad you’re stoked to ride and build.

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sorry this has caused so much trouble, just to make it clear I would never destroy a trail ex ride it when it’s muddy and wet and i would not try and do anything that’s not in my skill level. sorry to anyone who this may have made upset


Dude, don’t worry, you haven’t caused any trouble, you just woke up the grumpy troll of ECMTB.

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No worries what so ever, @brodymtb.

I just thought it was a good opportunity to discuss the issues with rogue trails.

My intent was to pin the discussion in the trail building category so everyone knows the concerns and spread of opinions on the topic.

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I’m the troll eh? Dude, you are the one trying to lower the conversation by resorting to name calling in an attempt to make my opinions easier to dismiss @pmachan.

Its really nothing to do with your opinions, its how you present them.
You could engage slightly softer, and likely be more effective, but instead you march in on your high horse and state how you don’t give a shit about what anyone says about anything and this is how it is.
You are pretty well known for forcing your “opinion” on people in ways that may be a bit offensive to some.

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