Know of any jumps?

Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows any trails with jumps or jump parks in the hrm? i’m looking to improve my mountain bike skills and wana hit some jumps!

@Rockhopper was nice enough to put together a list of all the dirt jump parks around Nova Scotia

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ok thanks, I will try and try one out once the ground dries out

Brody, have you tried pump tracking? The goal is to get around the track without pedalling. Some of the jump parks have pump tracks and they’re a lot of fun, not to mention good for skill building.

I have not tried it yet but I want to

This is me on the Fundy Park pumptrack (not no pedaling after the first few pedal strokes):

It’s good cornering practice too, leaning over in to the berms. Although it doesn’t look like it, it’s pretty good exercise too. Just going around a couple of times leave me winded.

This is Charles Road Park in Timberlea. It has a small jump line too. It doesn’t look like I’m going very fast, so it doesn’t look that impressive, but staying on the tight line through the corners can be challenging.


ok thank you, i will definitely try and go to one of them, i also actually saw the video on youtube before

The rifle range in Bedford has some decent size jumps and drops

ok thanks i wanna check them out because i’ve heard good things about them

Ya they are kinda hard to find but the little jumps are. If u r biking up the gravel road from the highway you’ll see a little cut off near the gate to get into the range it’s near the big power pole if u look around u will find it

ok, i was looking at trailforks eariler to find it and seems pretty easy

These may not be the biggest secret in the world but someone(s) has spent hours and hours of hard work building up a spot where they can have some fun, not really beginner friendly fun either… maybe you should ask them before you blow it up all over the internet eh? #nodignopride


Who would they ask, again?


I have a feeling, @bent6543, that these guys (@brodymtb, and @Evan29) are going to be building the trails we ride on into our sunset years. :grinning:


Sigh… go there, hang out, the people to ask will be there. Send the locations and info in a PM if you want to share it, why must everything be publically available?

Some joey finds some illegal jumps on the internet, goes there hurts themselves because its above their skill level, causes a big scene with ambulances and whatnot now their parents want to sue, shit gets shut down and then all the people that were having fun have nothing… I’m not interested in any of the “its not their land” BS either.

So a couple kids shared a screen grab of a well established trail they found on Trailforks. Let’s be happy a new generation is excited about riding bikes, instead of ribbing them about how they share the stoke.


well first its on trailforks so anyone could see it and second nobody should launch themselves of a jump if they know they cant do it like u got to be pretty stupid to see a jump and know u cant do it but just try cuz y not

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