Kona Honky Tonk - flat bar

2012 Kona Honky Tonk upgraded to a flat bar to be the ultimate commuter.

Race face carbon bar

Chris King head set.

56 frame, but with the flat bar top tube fits like a 54.

Used as my daily commute bike in Toronto for a few years, moved and haven’t been using it. Schawalbe marathon plus tires are rough but roll, should consider replacing but not urgent. Drive chain is about 50% worn. No pedals.


Located in Kentville, occasional go to HRM and could meet somewhere.



I don’t need another commuter, but that is a gorgeous little bike. Good luck with the sale.


I know right! I’m tempted to keep the frame and build it up as a single speed down the road but just too many bikes as is.


Pretty clean ride. I’d just get creative with storing it out of the way somewhere until you want to do something with it. I have bikes that I pull down once in a while just for old times sake and they are fun to ride at the time.


If only. I currently have 8 bikes in that storage state. Its got to go .

I’m fortunate to have unlimited storage so up they go. Wish it was moisture and dust free but I keep the drivetrains oiled up at a minimum.