Kona is Returning Home to it's Roots

Dan Gerhard and Jake Heilbron have purchased Kona back from Kent Outdoors.


Was stoked to see is!

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Good for them.

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I wonder if they bought it back for less than they sold it for? The Big (Honzo) Short.


I would have loved to have seen the whole operation pieced out and shuttered. No single company had soured me so much on the industry than Kona. I took so much abuse from customers (some of whom were “friends”) because of the cocksucker they had running their warranty department. I saw a few years ago that they were searching for a new head of Canadian Warranty so I guess he retired.

Remember, if you are buying a Kona, make sure it is second hand for a smoother warranty experience if it comes up.

I’m down to two konas now from prob a high of six or so. Only one is third hand, though.

When I left I sent a nice email to most of my major contacts, didn’t bother with Kona.


Cool to see.

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