Kuat Transfer - 3 Bike Rack - SOLD

Kuat Transfer-3 Bike Rack

Just like this one: Kuat Transfer 3 Bike Grey Metallic - Kuat Bike Rack

It is in mint condition and works great.

Bought it in may when I had a car with hitch. If I still had my car I would keep it because it works well to keep bike safe during transport and is easy to load but I have a truck now and am using gatepad again.

$450 firm. (after tax it would cost you $638.25, like I paid only 3 months ago, grrr)

Anyway it is looking for a good home and comes with a hitch lock.


Is this a 1 1/4" or a 2" hitch rack?

Works with either. It is setup for 2" at the moment.

Hey Jeff, does this come with integrated cable locks?

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No cable locks on this but I think they can be added after the fact.

Gotcha, thanks :slight_smile:

I am going to tag along this post and maybe facilitate a three way deal to make everyone happy. I am interested but need to sell my current one first. :grinning: I have a Thule doubletrack pro paid $520 for it and it is about 2.5 years old. I am open to offers. Let’s make a deal!

I have the same rack (Kuat Transfer 3) on the family van and I would highly recommend it.
It’s been to Quebec and back at least a half dozen times in summer and winter without issue.

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