Lake echo/porters lake area

Good morning all. I live in lake echo, and im looking for some beginnerish trails in the area if there are some? Any ideas?

You could check out the area around Frog Lake Road. The Road itself is wide and rough-ish nothing too crazy, there are a bunch of side atv trails that I’ve been meaning to explore that could be interesting.

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I use to play around in the gravel pit behind the Trailer Park, there were some neat rock features and some progressive drops. I made a loop that incorporated these features. There also was some single track back there 20 years ago, but I doubt that it would still be there given the recent clearing. The still are some access roads and atv trails that would be rideable.

Wonderland Trailer Park Trails?

Other than that, you have Old Mineville Rd. (off of candy mountain rd.) and the end of the myra rd. both are access/atv road.

FYI, my knowledge of the area is quite dated.

Thanks for the info. I never knew abiut the trail forks site. Thats very helpfull

Old Mineville Road is in good shape on the Mineville side up to Goose Lake and then it gets bogged out and wet but It’s still passable. Iit’s what I like to call “classic” mountain biking… some old road where you’re likely to get wet no matter what time of year it is.

Myra Road is still passable, there are many side trails there it is very popular with the motorized crowd.

There really isn’t any popular or dedicated mountain bike trails in your area but there are lots of old roads and atv trail. You can connect up sections between the subdivisions from Mineville Rd all the way to the Old Lawrencetown Road which is a crusher dust trail now. Use the OSM basemap on Trailforks (desktop only) and you can see many of them.

I live on Myra road and there is a bunch of trails down at the end of Myra that are used primarily for ATV, they do go forever with some decent climbs.