Lake loop whopper - vandalism

I just did the lake loop at whopper and 2 bridges were moved out of place so if you tried to ride them you would likely fall.

these are them after I put them back in place. the tree on the right was jammed into the bridge in a way that after time it would eventually fling up into the way and possibly knock the rider off. there was also a fire set to the same bridge.

I should add that I did find what looked like an empty bottle of hard liquor in the. bushes also so at least it could be a random act.

The lake loop is within the BMBCL wilderness area, but this doesn’t seem like the style for official work. At least you didn’t run into the drunks! Good kama to you for putting things right

The 2 I put back may not be as sturdy as before so if you’re by with some time and possibly a hammer it may go a long way.


Looks like some random assholery. Which is a good thing, I guess.

The last time I went through the burn mark on the bridge was there. I think that might have happened in the fall. The other bridge vandalism is something very recent. Those are scary bridges to have messed with. Someone could have been seriously hurt. Possibly the same assholes who painted the rocks at the swimming spot ,though that was also there for some time. It seems likely that the same people are doing it.

Last rode through there in Feb and they were in place then. Thanks for fixing them.
I noticed on the long Suzie lake loop, from the power lines to the lake, someone has been ripping up the trail with a motor bike.
Also picked up 36 beer cans.
Likely the same group…be careful in there.

Probably the same person who chopped off a bunch of branches from a pine tree up on the rocks shortly after you leave the power lines. They built a pretty poor excuse for a shelter with it. Lots of four wheeler traffic up there this winter. They even tried riding up into Death March.

ugh, I’ll never get the motorized recreation thing. Trail cockroaches. They always bring bogged out, rutted destruction and beer can garbage. A trail near me is coated weekly with fresh cans.
One thing I’ve learned is that they aren’t afraid to pack in a powersaw and open anything up so that they can drive through it, hell or high water. I’m sure there are some well meaning folks on ohv’s but the lack of respect and blatant destruction of the “bad apples” in the bunch overwhelm any positives in my opinion.