Lance has confessed

You’re not a roadie in my eyes… Much too cool, and rode through the early MTB years, when it required skill and guts.

So Lance has confessed to Oprah.

I haven’t heard the complete interview, but I did hear he is willing to testify against others.

Too little too late? Forgive him? Or does Lance even matter anymore?

Lance matters to a ton of people. He was too big for too long for people to keep him down. Right or wrong.

he’s a douche

Well, he’d be a far bigger douche if he never did admit what he did, assuming he’s done it. Seems very likely he did, though. I dunno, I wasn’t a fan, then saw him race Leadville, then was a fan, then all this happened, then saw he used to race BMX as a kid. Such a roller coaster. Lance has issues. We all have issues. Just that the bigger the spotlight, and the higher the pedestel, the bigger the issues. Not saying he is an amazing guy personality wise, but I’m sure he’ll be paying for it all, not just money wise. It’s big news the more us and the world keep yammering about it. I say admit to whatever has been done, make it right as best as possible, and move on in a way that cleans up the sport, the image of it, and make it better for those now in it, and coming into it in the future.

Well said Aaron.
No matter if he doped or not, his story is what got me back on the bike which led to me meeting and marrying my wife, (Sue) and living happily ever after.
I will always be a fan.
I just hope that he didn’t jump on Oprah’s couch like that dummy Tom Cruise did!!

I really couldn’t care less whether he doped or not. EVERYONE else was doing it so I guess he is just another competitor doing the same.

What I do have a problem with though is that his whole myth has been built around a massive lie. I feel especially bad for those who had to take a fall for him so that he could keep up the lies. Those like the ones Lance sued for defamation and all that stuff. Those peoples lives may have been ruined for the sake of his douchebaggery

Look at the baseball guys. A guy like Andy Pettite says I took them, I’m sorry and I didn’t understand the consequences. The public forgives forgets and never remembers that he took PED. Rafael Palmiero waves his finger at Congress or Roger Clemens lies to the Grand Jury and they deny EVER taking them. The genral public knows they are lying and now they want their heads and won’t give up until they get it. Armstrong would have been far better off if WAY earlier on he admitted his mistake, humbled himself, apologized and moved on. Everyone would have shrugged their shoulders and forgot all about it. Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Interview supposed to be broadcast over 2 nights on Thursday and Friday. Oprah says he didn’t come clean in the manner that she’d expected… so might not be worth the hooplah.

Forget the pedestal. Subsitiute Betsy Andreau for your wife . How would you feel? He`s a douche. He needs attention, thats all there is to it. … eon_261393

I’m pretty sure it will all come down on him at some point…

Don’t worry about poor Lance, he will do more interviews, write more books and make millions of more dollars. I don’t really care that he doped, everyone was doing it, but to tell hundreds of lies and to accuse anyone who told the truth about him as being liars. I am reading Tyler Hamilton’s book right now, it is really an eye opener.

Forgetting about a certain person, I was looking at Wikipedia (okay, as reliable as Fox news in some cases) and found this info.

Although it certainly does not excuse the known illegal use of nor any subsequent denial, cycling has certainly been a documented hotbed of activity for performance enhancers over many years. Surprised? No. Are other sports exempt? Not at all, they just seem to have better PR.

From what I underdstand he deflected any questions about Betsy Andreau. So much for coming clean. Its not all about the dope.

Agreed. Doping is not the complete issue in this case. Drug use happens in all competitive level sports. How it is handled is by the athletes and organizing bodies matters a great deal as well.

This great sport is bigger than one person and I am looking forward to the absence of certain personalities in the news on a daily basis. He is doing more harm than good to the reputation of cycling and himself at this point.

It’s like that Charlie Sheen thing…too easy to get sucked in by their antics. Maybe they can be in a sitcom together?

Excerpts from the interview are up on Pinkbike. I was surprised at how direct his answers were.
I agree - it’s not all about the doping - there were a lot of people who got bullied, smeared and sued over the years - a lot of lives damaged or destroyed.

All segments here. Most interesting to me is what he says about conversation with his son.

Oops. Forgot the link:

Betsy Andreu’s reaction on Anderson Cooper:

I’m probably the only roadie who hasn’t watched it and doesn’t plan to.