Lance to be interviewed by Oprah

Road racing shoud really just go back to it’s roots, drinking alcohol, taking amphetamines and dosing with strychnine. Thoes dudes must have been one tough bunch to survive all that and ride the tour de france! If that’s what they did during the race, I wonder what the after parties were like.

“those who claim [that cyclists do not take amphetamine], it’s not worth talking to them about cycling”-Fausto Coppi, 1949.

I wonder what he’ll say. I’m sure we’ve all heard the rumours he’s about to admit to doping. I think it’s too late for any good to come out of any admission. The percentage of folks who think he’s still innocent is fairly low.

Most of the people who think he was innocent have switched to the “he may have done it but so did everyone else” camp. Oh and if you hate Lance, you like Cancer.

As for the Oprah interview? Well I suspect that Lance will have a perfectly done up script that will have him admit to some transgressions while minimizing what was done. He is nothing if not media savy andhis lawyers will vett the whole thing I am sure.

I have always loved Lance, doper or not. But now that he is being interviewed by Oprah, I think he is a douche.
Everyone knows that Howard Stern is who you go for an accurate honest interview!!

Yes, Stern would definitely ask him some interesting questions. I’d watch it.