From the LCMBA

In our continuing effort to build quality, sustainable trails, the LCMBA hosted a Trail Build Workshop last night for our members. Despite the weather we had a great turn-out. The workshop was run by Ryan and Michelle at Trail Flow Outdoor Adventures. ( ) Trail Flow builds the finest trails around and we were lucky to have them come down and share some of their expertise with our group. The build workshop was an overall success and we hope to be able to host a couple more in the following year.

I just think this is so awesome. (both for Trailflow and LCMBA for their learn to do it right first approach they are taking)

It was so nice to see the trail flow crew in the shore, they really have a lot to teach and I know we will have them back in the area teaching proper trail development. So exciting, this definitely makes it real, a mountain biking trail system in our back yard.
Thanks again Ryan and Michelle for your great sage advice on the trail and off.