LF: 26" Wheelset - QR - Rim Brake

Looking for a wheelset to replace the junkers that are currently on the wife’s Bridgestone. Rim brakes and quick release, and ideally a free hub body for easy cassette swaps. Doesn’t have to be super fancy, just something reliable and ideally a matched set.

Also open to just a QR rear wheel with a freehub.

I know someone must have something hanging on a wall or under a pile of old rubber and rims.


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Cool bike.

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That’s sick!

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Thanks, it needs some TLC but is still in good shape. Previous owner didn’t know what he had and repainted everything with what seems like a household paintbrush. Planning to strip and re-paint/re-decal the frame this winter. May also strip/service/repaint the fork lowers, because he even painted those black right over the old labels.

Man, what an awesome find. So jealous! Is that a Mag-21? FTW!

Yup, looks like it is. Might have a harder time finding new decals for that one, though.