LF : chain guide / skid plate


Looking for a chain guide and possibly bash guard. If anyone has one please let me know! Thanks in advance


What bolt pattern are you looking for in a bash guard?


Iscg 05 but would prefer to have a bash and guide. What do you have?


You’ll want a chainguide with a built in skid plate. A bash guard normally bolts to the cranks in front of the chainring, but they don’t work on 1X and 2X cranks.


I should edit the post to say skid plate oops


I’d say bash Guide is an accurate description. A bash ring is almost old school with most new bikes coming without a front derailleur, or even a place to mount one. I bought the attached setup and am very happy with it so far. https://www.oneupcomponents.com/products/bashguide-iscg05