LF: NBR: 6" Jointer

I thought I’d post this on here because there might be one is somebodys basement, father/grandfathers basement…you get the idea. I’m looking specifically for a Beaver or Beaver/Rockwell 6" jointer Planer. Model numbers are 4800, or 37-220. Model would depend on the make. I will consider any condition, with a motor, without, on a stand or not. Email: shawndscott@hotmail.com or PM if you know of anything.

Both makes will look like the one in this link, just be slight differences and colour variations.
vintagemachinery.org/photoindex/ … px?id=6665

Interesting that there are other old machine lovers in the cycling community here. I have a bunch of old beaver and rockwell/beaver tools.

Keep your eye on kijiji, stuff pops up occasionally. There was I think a 37-220 for sale recently on Kijiji, but the seller was looking for $500, way out of line for what these machines are usually going for.

There is a pretty active community at the canadian woodworking forum forum.canadianwoodworking.com/forum.php, and a few of us have a bunch of old beaver stuff. Lots of helpful people.