LF: shimano slx m7000 or deore m6000 brake caliper

I am Looking , let me know if you guys have a spare hanging around on a good ol cheap price. :grimacing: Thanks

@gtrguy is the go to guy for stuff like this. He never disappoints


@muddy thanks for the vote of confidence but this time I’m empty handed. Very little in the way of brake components. Most of the stuff I have is more… Shall we say “vintage”… Or just plain out of date lol

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Yeah I though it would be harder. But Thanks :pray:t4: went for a brand new front brake set instead. Selling the lever on to pinkbike.

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What lever do you have? M6000 or M7000? Right or left? I partially broke one and may be interested in replacing it.

M6000 Shimano slx , left. Front brake

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