Light for Sale

Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter. My 24 hour racing days are done and I’m selling my spare set of lights.

  1. Light & Motion Stella 300- This featherweight LED light provides a powerful beam for hours of well-lit riding. 300 Lumens. $75
  • Three brightness settings plus flash.
  • Cruise and race modes. Cruise mode cycles through all settings in sequence. Race mode conserves battery power by giving you just low and high power.
  • Tool-less handlebar mounting system.
  • Rubber strap mounts to any size bar and the grippy compound holds the light in position with only light tension.
  • Includes a helmet mount, 2-cell lithium ion battery, and smart charger.

  1. Light & Motion Seca 900- SOLD

This is a great bar and helmet combination. I ran these lights in my first 24 hour solo race. I was able to get three 16km laps in on a single charge in the medium settings, with enough reserve to deal with any stoppages due to mechanicals.

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Do these operate with a cable from light to battery pack? Lots of cables showing, but hard to tell what is the light and what is the charging mechanism. Thanks!

Cable to lithium battery pack.

@supercraig - still got your Seca?

Yep, sure do

I will take it. I’ll PM you.

Both lights are still for sale.

The SECA is sold. The Stella is still available.