Lights camera... no just lights

Just retired a Light and Motion Stella 300 light. I’m looking for a new light. It seems REAL easy now a days to get a 700 or 1000 lumen light. Amazing.

What are people using now a days? What brands/models do you love and hate? Here are my requirements

  • Helmet mount
  • Runtime of 2 hours
  • External battery optional, I don’t care
  • 500 lumens or more.


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I just bought a 750lm light from MEC for 65 bucks. Seems good so far.

My aim is reliability this time around.

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Light & Motion Urban 700 from MEC…checks all yer boxes.

Has worked flawless for the past 4 seasons. Internal battery, still runs nearly 2 hours on medium power in sub-zero temps.

I’ve also got a cheap chinese light as a backup.

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I run 2 serfas 500 lumen lights. 1 goes on my helmet and 1 goes on my bar. I had a seras 1500 lumen light that was awesome but the battery pack was annoying when I stopped wearing a pack and the light unit itself was gigantic. I’m a big fan of the self contained units. No cords or hassle. I’ve had them for a few years and each fall I pull them out, charge them up, and away I go.

New this year I’ve been running a Light & Motion Urban 1000, and it’s great so far! More than bright enough, utilizes the built in light mount on my helmet, and no more wires to deal with. Before that I was just running one of the cheap chinese lights on my helmet and bar, but my batteries are slowly dieing. Still have a cheap light on my bars, but considering going with something different and hopefully ditching the battery pack mounted to my frame.

Thanks folks. I had no idea honestly that self contained gear has come just so far. Simply awesome.

Do ya’ll buy some kind of helmet mount adapter?

Some of the Light&Motions come with the below helmet mount. If not, you can pick one up separately.

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I highly recommend the Light and Motion Imjin 800. It is the replacement to the Stella. I carry them @ Idealbikes, Chain Lake. Its super light with great burn time. I don’t even notice it on my helmet.

I run a serfas E-Lume 900, runs for 1.5h on max (900L), 3h on 450L and longer for the other settings. Great light with a ipx6 water resistance rating, and is completely cordless. $80 Msrp I think.

I run this guy on my bars and have a couple of cheap lights for the helmet that work pretty well too.

It’s super bright, waterproof and has been very reliable. I also run it on my commuter and the flashing mode is multiphased and very noticeable. Pedestrians often complain about it, so I hope drivers see it too!

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Hoping to find an epileptic, huh?!

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I was going to retire my Light and Motion Arc HID light, as it was not consistently firing up, so I thought the ballast was dying. Turns out that I think the connector contacts were corroded. Cleaned the contacts, it seems to be firing up ok now.

However, while I thought the light was dying, I kept on eye on Ebay for lights. I was able to get a Light and Motion Seca 1500 for under $100 (new Secas are $350-$500). Only had a couple of rides with the Seca but loving it so far.1500 lumens on full power, about 750 in the medium setting, 400 on low. Light and Motion do high quality lights, and the output is very good. My light didn’t come with a helmet mount, but I got one from Cyclesmith for $20. I actually still haven’t used the helmet mount yet, as I was able to run the bar mount through my helmet. Not sure if I’ll keep it that way or actually use the helmet mount. So far direct mounting has worked well.

Nice thing about Light and Motion is that they’ve kept the same connector for a long time. My Arc batteries (I have two) work with the Seca, so I now have three batteries that will work on the new light.

@CyclingGirl (Janet) uses a Light and Motion Stella 500. The Imjin (800 lumens) replaces the Stella. Her battery is a 2-cell unit, that won’t run my Arc or Seca. But my batteries will run her Stella. Your battery would probably run an Imjin, so you could have two batteries, if you’re keeping your Stella.

However, Imjin’s are pretty expensive. $240 at MEC. An Urban 1000 (without a mount) is $115. A L&M helmet mount is about $20. I’m not sure how heavy the Urbans are, but you might have a little more weight on your helmet than an Imjin, but you also don’t have to worry about the cord catching on things, or needing a backpack or pocket for the battery. If I hadn’t found the deal on the Seca, I might have gone with an Urban 1000. Depending on your helmet, you may be able to direct mount the light without a helmet mount.

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Thanks folks. I went with this and ordered a helmet mount off amazon.

If i like it, there is a high chance i’ll get another and have a helmet/handlebar matching combo. SHould do just fine.