Links in posts

Hey guys, can you possibly set up the forum software so links open in a new tab/window. Quite annoying to click a link and have take you away from the site.

I always middle click links, it automatically opens in a new tab. Alternately you could right click and select open in new tab

We will look at that slider.

@slider when I click the forum links they open in a new tab. I think it has more to do with your web browser settings than the forum settings.

Actually @rolls, that has to do with your personal browser settings. I don’t want to change my settings so every link I click to open in a new page, but really in a forum, with a link to external content, it is nice for it to open in a new page so people can see it, and then not have to click the back button a dozen times to get back to where they were.

Ultimately it is up to you guys, but I find it makes reading forum posts easier if I don’t get taken away from the page when I click a link.

On a mac you can hold down cmd while clicking a link and it will open in a new window/tab.

On windows its ctrl click.

Its up to your browser whether it opens in a new tab or new window.