Local Five Ten retailers?

Hey Gang, anyone know of any HRM area shops that carry Five Ten Freeriders? In the past I’ve just ordered from MEC.

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Idealbikes :disappointed_relieved:


Haha good luck. I’d think that with the weird popularity of flat pedals there would be better supply of flat pedal shoes, but there is not. Many brands make them, so do some research and get a shop to order them, but 5.10 may not be the brand.

Shimano has a gravity focused shoe with no SPD compatibility. Any shop can order those.

Yeah have been looking at some other brands, but I know exactly what size I am in the Five Tens. Unfortunately now doesn’t seem like the opportune time for wandering into a store and trying on multiple pairs or ordering/returning if the wrong size.

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Most Norco dealers should be able to order them in for you. What model and size are you looking for?

Good to know, looking for freeriders. I believe sportwheels carries Norco, I’ll check with them. Thx

The sizing is a real pain in the ass, that’s for sure. I have extra wide Giro shoes in one size, My Shimano ME7 in another size, my mountaineering boots in another again. I only go by EU sizing because I though it was supposed to be more standardized, but that hasn’t been my experience.

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I was considering ordering some five tens off the mec website but wasn’t sure of my sizing in them.
Also probably can get by this season on last years DCs seeing as we probably won’t have much riding options this year.

Worst case you could order them there if you know your size

Call Jeff S at Bike Monkey.
He carries 5.10 shoes.


Apparently Long Alley Bikes carries 5 10s and they are half price right now.


Hub Cycle can get them

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