Local shops with gear to helical a crankset?

Any local bike shops have the gear to helicoill a crank set with blown out pedal treads? I’ve had this done at a machine shop in the past but would rather keep it in the family so to speak.

Alternatively any local shops have access to trials cranks to replace mine? (For those wondering the big difference is thread on cogs or front freewheels not bolt on chainrings)


You mean helicoil? Haven’t heard of anyone doing that on a bike part for a very long time!

Helicoil yes, autocorrect got me on that…

Like I said, trials parts are hard to come by so I’d rather fix the stuff I have not if I can + why waste what can be fixed!

You can buy them off amiazon.com just search “helicoil pedal”

Think I can help.

That’d be great Mike! I didn’t know Valley Stove had the gear for this but that’d be perfect if ya did!

Some shops advise against it due to the failure rate.