Hey all,

I added a logo we’re testing. It is up there for trial for now. Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.

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I like the other logo more, but I could see this as a sticker with “.net” added. At the current size the “EC” gets lost an is hard to read, at larger sizes it is not bad. I would have the biker like this (excuse the crude photoshopping)

The sprocket logo is used a lot, I thought I would strike out and try a few different logo designs and then refine the one that gets the most favorable response.

This logo is clearer from a distance. I am not hard fixed on this logo.

The .net addition is cool. The rider and the E are battling it out though.

If I was still home, I would share the psd file for all to play with.

Here is what the logo would look like on a dark background:

I think the above works well for the forum header because of the space constraints. And the .net tag at the end is a good idea.

But for swag I’d prefer a full blown logo - this one is open to comments/suggestions as well.

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I think we need to find one that works in all cases.

I think we need a third option before we put the logos to a vote, anyone have suggestions for a #3 logo?

Whipped this out real quick to get the idea, so the image quality is crappy.


Nice one @bent6543!

Can we fit it to the top logo?

For context, the logo at its minimum size will need to be in two forms for the forum:
collapsed (this one becomes 45 x 76):

and wide (this one becomes: 45 x 189):

What do we keep for the collapsed portion?

I find it funny that you added the tire track @bent6543. JeffV, Rolls, and I were talking about the logos on Saturday and one of us mensioned that the logo should maybe have a tire track in it.


Yeah the tire track is kind of cliche but I think it works well, I cut the splash tread right off the internet, ultimately I would change it use a more MTB tread pattern.

Needs more refinement, but I like it. I agree with using more aggressive tread pattern. The dirt splat feel fits our vibe better that the cleaner logos too.

I wonder what other placements would look like: frame stickers, t-shirts, events banner, etc…

@bent6543, once you feel you have it to the point you are happy with, we can try it on the site for a couple of days.

if greyscale in’t your flavour



for the rider one loss the terrain so that the letters stand out more and place the front tire on the bottom curl of the c instead. also swap the colours for the ec and rider the ec should be dark letters like the mtb and the cyclist done in a lighter shade to get the whole logo to really pop.

There’s a card for that @jetter!

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