Long and Low

Check out this cool bike review from @Spindatt. Good stuff!


What trail is that?

Daminion/Scotch on the Rocks at the Lakeside entrance of Whopper.

Oh man. Custom NS built frames?!
I’m in. I think my next hardtail frame choice is at least narrowed down to manufacturer now…


Very nice looking rig and a cool YouTube channel to browse too - thanks for posting.

I’d love to have a plus sized trail/AM steel hardtail kinda like that one but with a geo similar to a Kona Honzo as a second mountain bike…

…Starts writing a letter to Santa…


I want a northshore style freeride frame, like my manik but slightly more climb friendly and a little lighter

I’ve always loved chromoly steel. I still own my 97/98? Handmade Brodie Expresso and am constantly amazed at how a turn of the pedals rockets me forward. That said, it’s head angle is so steep and bars so narrow I would be a fool to try and take it out on the trails now.
This is a great review. Very honest and amusing. It’s cool to know there are people building frames here and testing them on local trails so we know how the bikes fit local riders and their needs. We all need a party in our lives don’t we? Did he mention price? The spec on that can’t be cheap.

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Starting at 1500 according to their website. I work with a tech company with offices in waterloo and san fransisco with many cycling enthusiasts. I shared the site with them. Go scotia!

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I’ll check it out. Thanks.